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In this sequel to Holy Fool, Holy Father, Marziani continues the journey of the young Jesuit priest turned Pope just a few weeks after an apocalyptic-like solar flare has crippled the world. Financial systems have crashed, all communications are down, and an evil entity, calling itself “I AM,” has raised its ugly head in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Pope Misha’s prophetic foresight, a gift he credits from God, has allowed the Vatican and many Catholic seats worldwide to maintain communications through the archaic means of short-wave radio frequencies. They struggle to help their regions with food and shelter. Without working electrical grids worldwide, humankind is catapulted back hundreds of years to a time when families survived solely on their own wits, and the church’s enclaves now rely on the generators and provisions they stored in preparation of just such an event.

From the Vatican to the Holy City, Pope Misha, his celibate soul-mate Anastasia, and a faithful troupe of protectors and believers journey to confront the Antichrist. Their mission? To halt the progress of a “new world order” that promises to strip humankind of its humanity, and perhaps even its eternity, in the guise of healing a world gone mad.

Fools’ Journey

Holy Fool, Holy Father

◉ Experience a Future Vision Where Forces at Odds Must Reconcile

“…I was surprised and delighted to discover the Holy Fools!… This was a totally wonderful read!… Misha and Anastasia will stay in my heart and mind for a very long time, especially when I pray for our world.”
—D. Ludas, BS, M. Ed, Diocese of Trenton


◉ A young man embraces his heart and embarks on an unforgettable mission.

Holy Fool, Holy Father, is a stirring story of opposing forces reconciling and the ordinary rising to the extraordinary. It begins in East Kazakhstan during the Soviet Union’s era of glasnost and perestroika.

Under the mentoring of a Russian Orthodox priest, 15-year-old Misha immerses himself in the culture of his people’s ancestral religion.

An extremely talented young man, he becomes fascinated with science and essential lessons that revolve around the Russian notion of the Holy Foolshaving no idea how these concepts will so dramatically play out in his life.

Central to manhood is the relationship Misha shares with his strong mother and his sickly father, who is afflicted with radiation poisoning. A condition that is taking the lives of so many in this region of old Russia.

Against this setting, Misha’s life unexpectedly turns a new direction with consequences beyond his imagination.

“He meets Anastasia, a rising young ballet star and the soul mate who will send him on an amazing new journey.”

A most unlikely union grows in strength.

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As he strides into adulthood, Misha becomes a star student at the premier technical institute in Moscow, Russia.

His marriage to his love, Anastasia, is a foregone conclusion to their families—until Misha’s calling to the Jesuit order and the priesthood emerges within him with undeniable force.

Nevertheless, this exceptional young couple remains bound to each other and makes a fateful decision to remain in an exclusive yet celibate relationship—a relationship that will struggle for years through periods of separation and moments of sexual temptation.

Fueled by his passion and his deep love for Anastasia, Misha’s star continues to rise, even as he strides closer to his ultimate fate when he has ordained a deacon and then a priest with Anastasia dutifully at his side.

In due course and with purpose and poise, he takes directorship of the Vatican Observatory by virtue of his expertise in astrophysics. Yet, he has no idea this is another stepping stone in a journey that will impact the world.

Holy Fool Holy Father

Raves for Holy Fool, Holy Father

“The tone of innocence that Fr. Marziani manages to convey in Holy Fool, Holy Father is a rare gem and a delightful experience for the reader. And under the shelter of that joyful experience, we are invited to grapple with themes of unity in so many spheres of the human enterprise…and ultimately to entertain what is foolish. An enjoyable and moving read!”

—Tamara Kuykendall, M.T.S., Research Fellow, Center for Thomas More Studies at the University of Dallas

“As a Catholic reader, writer and teacher, I was surprised and delighted to discover the Holy Fools! This book encouraged me to investigate the topic, and I fell in love with the concept that my traditional Roman Catholic faith shares some wonderful saints with the Orthodox churches. Unity is the primary theme in this book: the unity of churches, unity of our spirits with the Lord, unity of mankind. This was a totally wonderful read, and I’m glad to have had a chance to read an advance copy! Misha and Anastasia will stay in my heart and mind for a very long time, especially when I pray for our world.”

—D. Ludas, BS, M. Ed, Diocese of Trenton

“. . . I became so engrossed with Misha and Anastasia interacting with each other that many times I became emotionally involved in the dilemmas confronting them. The last novel I read in college was Leo Tolstoy’s literary masterpiece, Anna Karenina. I was similarly captivated by Holy Fool, Holy Father.”

—Victor Galeone, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Saint Augustine

“I was not expecting this book to have such a strong storyline to it. It is simply brilliant.”

—Dannie Moffitt

“The storyline was very refreshing, and the context is surprisingly enjoyable. If you have ever had your faith shaken, this book is for you. The devotion, faith, the “foolishness” will inspire you.”

—Brandie L. Sherman

“I loved this book, and…loved how relatable and realistic Father Marziani has made the characters. I felt invested very quickly. I also learned a great deal about the differences between Eastern Orthodox and Catholicism and feel inclined to study more. I loved all the history and imagery of Russia…and cannot wait to read more from the author.”

—Michelle McCormick

◉ Fulfilling his destiny by rising to the extraordinary

From humble beginnings to a place of influence in the Catholic Church, Misha settles into a life of service to his church as Anastasia pursues her career with the Rome ballet, the sacred bond between them a life-giving fountain.

As a full Jesuit and Director of the Vatican Observatory, Misha’s powerful destiny begins to unfold before his eyes.

Through his unparalleled scientific and exceptional natural abilities, Misha detects a rapidly approaching
the global catastrophe that is driven by unprecedented solar flare activity.

His time has come. Suddenly he is thrust into the Pope’s inner circle and the secret world of Vatican politics. The world must be alerted to the approaching danger.

But will the laws of science be allowed to intervene with the Vatican’s view of how God wishes world events to unfold?

Will Misha be able to carry out his ultimate calling and mission?
Will Anastasia remain devoted to her love for Misha as world events work to threaten civilization?
Is there an even greater calling for Misha beyond a catastrophic crisis that is destined to alter world history?

The answers will stun you. Life’s most complex opposites will be forced to reconcile.

And In the end, you’ll awaken to an enlightened way of thinking that will change your life.

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Holy Fool, Holy Father

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