Month: October 2015

“From Russia to Rome” – Indeed! Wisdom from the East.

OCTOBER 25, 2015 ~ 1 COMMENT

Russian Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, speaking on behalf of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus, made his own “intervention” to the Synod Bishops of the Catholic Church in Rome sitting in deliberation on the theme of the Christian Family.

This “Star rising from the East” had no uncertain words to share with that august body, referring directly to the Gospel allusion of the “salt” of Christian witness potentially losing its savor under the wilting influence of contemporary culture – and church accommodation to the same – a culture utterly uninformed by the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Metropolitan Hilarion, as a major hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, served to “confirm” his brethren in the faith of the fathers and mothers of distant centuries, a role generally understood to pertain to the Petrine office. Interesting. It reinforces to me the sense of real “flow” I experienced while writing Holy Fool, Holy Father, the first edition of which came out just a week shy now of one year (November 1, 2014). A second edition will be released within the next month or two under the imprint of Carpenter’s Son Publishing. Not often does so-called Christian “fiction” anticipate real-world events. You may want to check out the title, available from wherever fine books are sold.

Month: May 2017

John Kerry – “Learn Russian.” So, check into Holy Fool, Holy Father – and get a lesson or two!


John Kerry told Harvard graduates to “Buy Rosetta Stone and learn Russian” on May 24th. Good for you, John!

But hey, check out my novel, now in its second (2016) edition, Holy Fool, Holy Father, and you’ll learn a LOT of Russian – and more! Follow an action-adventure piece of Christian fiction – with liberal doses of romance, historical fiction, and ecclesiastical politics thrown in – the book’s website will whet your appetite:

Happy reading – and you may want to buy that Rosetta stone product as well, all said and done! God bless.

Month: August 2017

Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and the novel Holy Fool, Holy Father


Millions will be thrilled today to see the sun’s corona at eclipse totality, but did you know you can follow the story of one Jesuit astrophysicist at the Vatican Observatory as he discovers major threats to the entire global electrical and electronic infrastructure.

Check out
Holy Fool, Holy Father (Carpenter’s Son Publishing, 2016) and learn how Misha Aleksandrov labors to save the earth from disaster!

Month: December 2017

Sequel to Holy Fool, Holy Father now available – more surprises are coming, including a Yankee Lt. Col. in Misha’s Inner Circle!


Fools’ Journey: The Showdown – sequel to Holy Fool, Holy Father – is now available via e-Book and print through Amazon and wherever fine books are sold! Follow Pope Misha and Anastasia as they follow the ultimate call on their lives to stand up to history’s final global challenger to all that is good and right.