A Modern Tale of Good vs. Evil

Fools' Journey, the Sequel to Holy Fool, Holy Father is Now Available!

In this sequel to Holy Fool, Holy Father, Marziani continues the journey of the young Jesuit priest turned pope just a few weeks after an apocalyptic-like solar flare has crippled the world. Financial systems have crashed, all communications are down, and an evil entity, calling itself “I AM,” has raised its ugly head in the holy city of Jerusalem.


Pope Misha’s prophetic foresight, a gift he credits from God, has allowed the Vatican and many Catholic seats worldwide to maintain communications through the archaic means of short-wave radio frequencies. They struggle to help their regions with food and shelter. Without working electrical grids worldwide, humankind is catapulted back hundreds of years to a time when families survived solely on their own wits, and the church’s enclaves now rely on the generators and provisions they stored in preparation of just such an event.

From the Vatican to the Holy City, Pope Misha, his celibate soul-mate Anastasia, and a faithful troupe of protectors and believers journey to confront
the Antichrist. Their mission? To halt the progress of a “new world order” that promises to strip humankind of its humanity, and perhaps even its eternity, in the guise of healing a world gone mad.

Fools’ Journey


Holy Fool, Holy Father

Experience a world of intrigue where science and religion intertwine with colliding cultures, romance, and a worldwide cataclysmic event.

Imagine a world where science and religion could no longer be held apart as opposing forces. Or a time where it became essential for the Eastern Orthodox churches and the Church of Rome to breathe as one.


Now ponder the possibility that an unsuspecting Holy Fool could rise and do the extraordinary to change the course of history.


Blend this with exotic localities and a stirring love story that spans decades and continents, and you have the backdrop of Father Nicholas Marziani’s riveting new novel, Holy Fool, Holy Father.


A unique and groundbreaking work of Christian fiction, Holy Fool, Holy Father artfully blends epic storytelling with stark realism to communicate thought-provoking themes that allow you to…

  • Understand why it’s the Holy Fool who ultimately holds sway over the world
  • Delve into the unspoken complexities of male and female relationships
  • Gain access into the shadows and inner secrets of the Vatican
  • Explore a reconciliation between science and religion
  • Journey deep into exotic and breathtaking locations


Follow the incredible adventures of a young man and woman as they answer an inner call that may save the world.

Holy Fool, Holy Father

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Explore ideas of good and evil in a faith-based adventure story.